2023 EOC Annual Report

Publications and Reports

Past Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports showcase the impact we have as an organization each year, highlighting our donors, partners, and participants.

Reports to the Legislature

Our Reports to the Legislature are produced yearly for the Colorado State Legislature, reporting how we have spent their funding over the past year.

Form 990s

Our Form 990s are a public IRS document cataloging our mission, programs, and finances.

Financial Reports

Our Financial Reports offer a more detailed look at the finances of our organization, programs, and donations.

Black Hills Impact Reports

In this report you’ll find the Black Hills Cares Program summary, the combined impact we were able to have in its territory, and participant profiles that demonstrate the importance of this work through a personal lens.

Xcel Energy Impact Reports

The impact of the funds that EOC has received from Xcel Energy has been tracked and is outlined in this report. Beyond the data, the impact on the lives of so many families, elderly, veterans, and communities is immeasurable.

Center for the American West

Can an energy policy be economically sound, environmentally responsible, and humanely conceived?  This report makes the case for ensuring that the promise of this brighter future is extended to all Americans.

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