My Furnace is not working And I need help with repairs

Temporary Suspension of
Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) - Furnace Repair Assistance


  • As of March 18, 2024, the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) has not yet received its full federal allocation, resulting in a temporary depletion of funds. Because of this unexpected situation, the program is currently unable to provide program support to participants in need of heating system repair/replacement.
  • Participants seeking assistance with a heating system repair/replacement will be placed on a waitlist and may be served if funding becomes available.
  • If funding becomes available, assistance would be prioritized by participant based on urgent health and safety needs.
  • If funding does not become available, the participant will need to re-apply to the program in the new program year (October 2024) and request service through 1.855.4.MY.HEAT  (1.855.469.4328).

The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) provides critical emergency heating system repairs or replacements for income-qualified homeowners at no cost. Services include the repair of failed furnaces or boilers and the replacement of failed heating systems. These services are available year-round.

You Are Eligible If:

  • You have a heating source that is not working
  • And you are approved for LEAP

With Eligibility:

  • EOC will coordinate a network of licensed, certified, and insured HVAC contractors to manage your heating system repair and/or replacement. 
  • Being without heat is considered an emergency and help can be provided within 24 hours. If the issue is not able to be resolved, CIP will provide temporary heating solutions until the issue can be solved.

Please Note: CIP does not cover routine maintenance and upkeep of a home’s heating system.

Your first step is to apply for LEAP 

Graphic of participant at the computer applying for LEAP

LEAP (a state-run assistance program) provides energy bill payment assistance to qualifying households.  Energy Outreach Colorado does not process or manage LEAP applications.  We do have a guide on How to Apply for LEAP. Click below to learn more.

For heating emergencies, call 1.855.4.MY.HEAT (1.855.469.4328).

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