multifamily weatherization helps communities with home energy assistance

Multifamily Affordable Housing Weatherization Program

EOC offers two avenues for affordable housing providers to improve the energy efficiency of their properties – the Multifamily Affordable Housing Weatherization Program and the Affordable Housing Rebate Program. (If you are an individual seeking help, please click here.)

Both programs help fund weatherization improvements, including new insulation, high-efficiency water heaters and pumps, and efficient light fixtures.

EOC helps property owners through both programs conduct an energy audit, navigate rebates and funding, and work with contractors to ensure a complete and timely project. The result is lower operating costs that ensure properties remain affordable for tenants.

How can housing managers apply?

To qualify for the Multifamily Affordable Housing Weatherization Program:

  • The building must have a central heating system or units that are individually heated.
  • At least 66% of a building’s population must be at or below 60% of the state median income (see chart below).
Household Size1 person2 people3 people4 people5 people6 people7 people8 people
60% SMI$33,108$43,296$53,484$63,672$73,860$84,036$85,956$87,864
Household Size60% SMI
1 person$33,108
2 people$43,296
3 people$53,484
4 people$63,672
5 people$73,860
6 people$84,036
7 people$85,956
8 people$87,864


To qualify for the Affordable Housing Rebate Program:

  • At least 66% of the building’s residents must be at or below 80% of area median income.
  • The building’s energy utility is served by Black Hills Energy, Platte River Power Authority, Xcel Energy, Atmos Energy, or Colorado Natural Gas.

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Helping Keep A Neighborhood Affordable

Kentucky Circle Village, a senior-living community tucked away in the Glendale neighborhood of Denver, provides a peaceful, affordable haven for its 180 residents. “It’s a great place to live, especially if you’re on a fixed income,” said 67-year-old Thomas Gildart, a resident for the past five years. “You can’t find another place like what we have here for the price we pay.”

The building manager had worried about that endlessly because he knew that with the increasing energy bills and no money for improvements, the rent was going to have to go up. “Most affordable housing is subsidized by the Federal Government, but we aren’t. We keep the rent just high enough to cover expenses and we are always running on a shoestring.”

Through our Multifamily Weatherization Program, EOC was able to provide significant energy efficiency upgrades which included replacing furnaces, sealing, and insulation. This was possible through our partnership with Xcel Energy and the Denver Department of Strategic Partnerships. This project provided the facility energy cost savings that will have the long-term benefit of keeping rents affordable for the seniors in residence.


Through both programs, EOC serves between 70 to 80 housing projects annually and helps ensure affordable housing stock in those communities remains in place.


Projects through the Multifamily Affordable Housing Weatherization Assistance Program are funded by Department of Energy and/or Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

Projects through the Affordable Housing Rebate Program are funded by the Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement and Colorado utility companies including Black Hills Energy, Platte River Power Authority, Xcel Energy, Atmos Energy, and Colorado Natural Gas.

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