Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP)

The Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP) helps nonprofits that serve income-qualified Coloradans across the state in upgrading their facilities to increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs. 

EOC staff help conduct an energy assessment and supply grant funding to offset the purchase and installation of new equipment, including efficient lighting, insulation, low-flow fixtures, and HVAC systems.

Nonprofits of all types, including youth centers, crisis shelters, food pantries, and affordable housing projects have all benefited from NEEP. 

Which nonprofits qualify?

The program is open to nonprofits that: 

  • Serve income-qualified Coloradoans, including religious institutions that provide direct services regularly
  • Own their building or in a long-term lease 
  • Pay their energy costs
  • Are classified as 501(c)3 and are in good standing with the state of Colorado


  • Places of Worship where low-income services are provided directly
  • Organizations with long-term leases (minimum 3 years remaining, option to renew) and a letter showing owner support. Nonprofits leasing government owned buildings may qualify on a limited basis

Applications are accepted from October through April and will be reviewed starting in January. Click the Apply Now button below to start your application.

If you have questions about the process, contact NEEP Program Coordinator at or (303) 226-5065.


A Major Project For A Major Nonprofit

Jewish Family Service received one of our biggest upgrades of 2020. The total project cost was about $385,000 and we estimate it will save the organization almost $20,000 per year on their gas and electric bills.

Through NEEP, the 1970’s building had its HVAC system completely revamped as well as gaps that are more than one inch wide around over 150 doors and windows sealed. When the project started, the building had side-by-side thermostats that connected to the separate heating and cooling systems. The thermostats often competed, cooling and heating the same room simultaneously.

In the first phase, we installed 550 new LEDs lights along with air sealing and installing pipe insulation. In the next phase, leaky ductwork was repaired, a single HVAC control system and two new condensing boilers were installed.


In 2021, NEEP worked with 39 nonprofits that serve 47,000 income-qualified Coloradoans. Each of the projects helped lower both capital and energy bill expenses for the nonprofits, which allowed them to spend more on providing direct services to their communities.


NEEP is funded by Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement and Colorado utility companies including Xcel Energy, Black Hills Energy, Atmos Energy, and Colorado Natural Gas. NEEP accepts applicants statewide, although funding may be greater in areas with funding partners.

About EOC

For over 30 years, Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) has been a leading expert on issues impacting income-qualified energy consumers and how best to meet the needs of our state’s diverse population. EOC leads a network of industry, state, and local partners to Support, Stabilize and Sustain income-qualifying Coloradans so they can afford their home energy needs in an ever-changing energy market.