Bill Payment Assistance Program

Bill Payment Assistance provides emergency financial assistance with past due energy bills for income-qualified residents across the state throughout the year.

You are eligible if:

  • You need help paying your past due heating and/or lighting bill to an energy provider
  • You haven’t received Bill Payment Assistance from EOC during the current program year (program runs from 10/1 to 9/30)
  • You make at or below 80% of area median income
How to Apply?

EOC does not accept applications directly but works with partners on the local level to administer the program, including processing applications determining eligibility, and authorizing bill payments.

To apply, directly contact the EOC local partner in your county by clicking Find A Local Agency button below. To complete your application, you will need to bring your ID and a copy of your past due bill.  You can also call 1.866.HEAT.HELP (1.866.432.8435) for further assistance.

Not Enough Money To Spare

Angie has always had enough money to get by, but never enough to spare. So when she got laid off from her job, she fell behind financially. Finding a new job was hard but staying current on her bills was harder – she couldn’t afford to pay the backlog and was terrified that her electricity would be shut off.

Angie contacted Energy Outreach Colorado and we were able to help her pay her utility bills plus make some energy improvements to her home that would help her save money. “I had no idea that there was a way to get help,” Angie says. “I am so grateful that Energy Outreach helped me get back on my feet.”
What Other Assistance is Available?

When applying for Bill Payment Assistance, EOC encourages qualifying applicants to also apply to the Colorado Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP). LEAP is the state-run assistance program that provides energy bill payment assistance to qualifying households. Applications are accepted each year between 11/1 and 4/30.

You are eligible for LEAP if:

  • You are a permanent legal resident of the United States and a Colorado resident, or you have at least one household member who is a U.S. citizen.
  • You pay heating costs to an energy provider, or your rent includes the cost of heating
  • Your gross monthly household income meets qualifications

To apply, click the LEAP Application below or call 1.866.HEAT.HELP (1.866.432.8435).

If you have already received assistance from LEAP, or it is between May 1 to October 31 and you cannot apply to LEAP, EOC is still able to help through its Bill Payment Assistance Program.



For further assistance on how to apply for LEAP, view the handbooks below:

LEAP Application Handbook
| Spanish


EOC through the Bill Payment Assistance Program supported 21,747 households in 2021. Along with support with past due bills, EOC and its partner organizations work to get applicants enrolled in other EOC programs to help lower energy costs and ensure their homes are safe and comfortable.

While EOC’s mission has grown since it was founded more than 30 years ago, the Bill Payment Assistance Program was the first service the nonprofit provided to Colorado.


The Bill Payment Assistance Program is funded by utility providers, EOC’s budget and individual donors.

About EOC

For over 30 years, Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) has been a leading expert on issues impacting income-qualified energy consumers and how best to meet the needs of our state’s diverse population. EOC leads a network of industry, state, and local partners to Support, Stabilize and Sustain income-qualifying Coloradans so they can afford their home energy needs in an ever-changing energy market.

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