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Kavod Senior Life

“As I get older, my vision gets worse. The brighter lights make it easier to see and make everything look so bright and clean. I love these new lights.”

Bernice F., Kavod Senior Life Resident

Kavod Senior Life is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that provides 371 affordable housing units and services to older adults through a broad range of services. There are an additional 26 units dedicated to assisted living services.

Over the last decade, Energy Outreach Colorado has partnered with Kavod Senior Life to help manage and fund boiler upgrades, common area lighting upgrades, and most recently, in-unit lighting upgrades. Energy Outreach Colorado contracted with Elevation Lighting Services Company to replace lighting throughout the apartments with more energy-efficient LED lights.

Most recent results included:

  • 2,741 total LED light fixtures replaced
  • 397 apartments impacted
  • $190,574 of lighting upgrades provided
  • Future energy savings of $10,000 and 93,914 kWh/year forecasted

In addition to energy cost savings, the new lighting will improve the Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of the buildings, an important step towards Kavod achieving its Energize Denver performance requirements. The Energize Denver Ordinance establishes EUI targets for buildings 25,000 square feet and larger which must be met by 2030.

The residents are very pleased with the improvements as well. Bernice F. has lived at Kavod for 14 years and is delighted by how bright her apartment is because of the new lighting.

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