Energy Outreach Colorado Participant Stories

EOC participant, Rhonda, wears blue face mask while looking out the window

Out of the Cold

We met Rhonda through a member of her church who had stopped by her house to check on her. The heat wasn’t working and Rhonda was wearing her coat. Without the money to repair the furnace, she was living in the cold. Her friend called EOC and we sent a contractor over immediately. The furnace needed to be replaced and Rhonda qualified to have the work done at no cost to her. We were also able to get her caught up on her energy bills and stabilize her situation.

Posada’s Elko Family Emergency Shelter

The Posada Elko Family Emergency Shelter provides housing and services for families with children in need. Families are sheltered at the facility for up to two months as their basic needs of food, housing and clothing are met. The Shelter was in need of critical health and safety energy upgrades and came to EOC for help. The baseboard heaters were in dangerous disrepair and the evaporative coolers and boiler required constant maintenance. The condition of the old equipment was costly to maintain and operate and started to present safety issues. EOC leveraged funds and resources, and invested $173,975 to help improve the facility.
Toddler smiles while riding a bike outside the Posada Elko Family Emergency Shelter
Total EOC Scope of Work Project Costs   $173,975
LEAP Funded through CEO/WAP              $146,375
Black Hills Electric Funded                          $27,600
Energy Efficiency Measures Completed
  • Mini-split heat pumps (heating and cooling)
  • Exterior lighting
  • DHW tank & hot water pipe
  • Insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Removal of old, damaged baseboard radiant heaters
    and swamp coolers
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Drywall repairs throughout
  • Programmable thermostats
Health and Safety Measures Completed
  • Bath exhaust fans w/ built-in heaters
  • New bath fan electrical

Note: This represents EOC’s scope of work for this project. Posada of Pueblo raised funds to pay for new kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, fencing, and ADA concrete.

EOC participant, Trina, smiles while holding her dog Diamond

Full building upgrade

Trina lives in an 8-story low-income multi-unit rental building for older adults. She has been legally blind her whole life and is very proud of the fact that she can care for herself. She attributes much of this to the fact that she loves where she lives, feels safe and can afford her rent. Through our Multi-Family Building program, we completed an energy retrofit project on this building. The money saved on energy costs will help secure affordable housing costs.
Energy Efficiency Measures Completed
  • LED light bulbs in the tenant’s apartment
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures
  • LED fixtures for
    the hallways and meeting areas
  • Pipe and tank insulation for boilers and
    domestic hot water heaters
  • High efficiency hot water heaters and pumps
  • Central space heating plant for the building
Health and Safety Measures Completed
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
    Bath exhaust fans
    Duct Cleaning

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