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EOC supports mom’s quest to be positive role-model

27 Feb. 2017

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EOC supports mom’s quest to be positive role-model

Demonstrating to her four young sons how to be self-sufficient and successful is what motivates Dorettie Ramos to move forward. Energy Outreach Colorado’s help gave her the energy to keep going after a recent setback.

The 30-year-old single mom has worked for four years as the dispatcher for a Denver plumbing company. During the slow season – November through February – her seasonal position isn’t needed and she doesn’t get paid.

Her ex-husband is incarcerated and doesn’t provide any financial support. Her only other income is Temporary Aid to Needy Families benefits.

Ramos enrolled in career training at the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) in January to develop more job skills – about the time she realized her home energy was about to be shut off.

“I try to save money for that three-month gap but there were unexpected issues this year and I had to prioritize my funds for rent, car insurance and other bills,” she said. Fortunately, Energy Outreach Colorado was able to help pay the overdue portion of her bill so her family could continue to have heat and lights.

“I was so thankful to receive that help and it lifted a big weight off my shoulders until I can get back to work in March,” Ramos said. “Sometimes to get ahead you need to ask for help. By reaching out, I hope I can inspire someone else who is struggling to become self-sufficient.”

A Denver native, Ramos hopes to create a better life for her boys – now ages 11, 10, 8 and 4 – by going to college and building a career helping single moms overcome barriers to achieve their dreams.

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