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Energy Outreach Colorado and Girls Inc. Partner to Save Energy

April 24, 2014

DENVER – Girls Inc. of Metro Denver can increase its budget for programs to empower girls and women, thanks to recent energy efficiency improvements at its Denver headquarters made through Energy Outreach Colorado’s Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP).

The $55,000 in improvements installed at 1498 and 1499 Julian Street in Denver were co-funded by the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships and Xcel Energy, and included:

  • high efficiency lighting in classrooms, offices and the building exterior
  • 14 water faucet aerators and 4 restroom vacancy sensors
  • replacement of three refrigerators and a freezer with high-efficiency appliances
  • new air conditioning unit for the server room

“These upgrades are lowering our energy bills, reducing maintenance costs and allowing the organization to direct more funds toward serving our girls in programs,” said Sonya Ulibarri, president of Girls Inc. of Metro Denver. 

“In addition, we are educating the girls we serve about the importance of being energy efficient, both onsite and at home,” she added.  “Teaching our girls not only encourages them to conserve while they are onsite, but also empowers them to teach their family members at home the importance of being energy efficient.”

Hilary Taylor, NEEP manager at Energy Outreach, said the project’s energy savings in the three months since the upgrades were installed are “out of the park,” including a 56 percent decrease in electric use at 1498 Julian Street.  “Since their overall savings for three months is $2,400, they should have some great overall savings annually.”

NEEP will continue to track and compare energy consumption and costs throughout the year following installation.  In addition, Girls Inc. staff is looking at ways to conserve energy in their facilities, such as turning off lights, computer monitors and power strips when not in use.

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver was established in 1983 as an affiliate of the national Girls Incorporated organization, an established and recognized authority on girls’ issues with a history dating back to 1864.  They serve approximately 2,000 girls and their families annually through year-round academic and skill-building programs.
Energy Outreach Colorado launched NEEP in 2005 to help non-profits reduce their energy costs and allocate more dollars toward vital community services.  Since then, EOC has installed energy savings measures in 232 nonprofit facilities.  It funds the projects by leveraging its own resources with other funders, including Atmos Energy, the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships and Xcel Energy.

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