Applies to Renters  
check Check the temperature - You're losing money if they're lower than 37-40 degrees F for fresh food and 0-5 degrees F in your freezer. To check the temperature put one thermometer in a glass of water in the center of the refrigerator and another between packages in the freezer. Read them after 24 hours
check Defrost regularly - In a manual defrost model more than 1/4 inch of frost acts as an insulator and makes the appliance work harder. It also helps food to spoil, so defrost regularly
check Cover and wrap food - uncovered foods and liquids release moisture and drive up electricity costs.
check Let hot cool - before putting it in the refrigerator then the refrigerator will use less energy.
  Keep it clean - vacuum the condenser coils below or at the back of the refrigerator/freezer three or four times a year to keep it running efficiently and help save energy
check Close it - the time for decisions is not when you have the door open. Get everything you need for a sandwich or recipe in one trip
  Keep it cool - locate your refrigerator or freezer away from the direct flow of warm air such as the range, a heating register of direct sunshine
check Keep it full - a full refrigerator and freezer operate more efficiently than an empty one. Use plastic bottles of water if necessary to take up space. But don’t over pack or the cold air won't circulate properly
check Keep the right temperature - Refrigerator temperature should be between 34 and 37 degrees F and the freezer at 5 degrees F. A separate freezer for long-term storage should be kept at 0 degrees F
  Unplug your second refrigerator - If your second refrigerator (or an extra freezer) is not being used to full capacity, don't use it and save energy as well as over $100 a year. Just unplug it and block the door open.
  Check the seals - close the refrigerator door on a piece of paper that is half in and half out of the refrigerator. If you can remove the paper easily without opening the door, you may need to adjust the door latch or replace the seals.
  If you are a landlord, unplug refrigerators in vacant units.