Easy Ways to Conserve Energy

Applies to Renters  
check Keep the heat - Close draperies at night to keep in the heat. Open them during the day to let the sun shine through and warm the inside of your home.
check South facing windows - are especially ideal in the winter months because during the day, the sun will help heat your home.
  Maintenance can help efficiency - to improve or maintain the efficiency of your existing furnace, check the filters at least once a month during the heating season and change if necessary. In addition, follow the maintenance guidelines in your furnaces' manual.
  Prevent heat loss - cut heat loss by caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows. Close the damper when not using the wood fireplace to prevent heat from escaping.
check Permanent setbacks save the most - A good rule of thumb is to set the temperature as low as you can and still be comfortable. Dressing warmer helps. For permanent setback, where the temperature stays low 24 hours a day, there is potential energy savings on your heating bill of 1-2% per degree of setback
  Clock thermostats help with temporary setbacks - Turning the temperature down at night or when no one is at home can save energy with most types of heating systems. If you have trouble remembering, clock thermostats can help by automatically turning the thermostats down and up on a pre-set schedule.
check Use ventilation fans only as needed - Use kitchen, bath and other ventilating fans sparingly. In just 1 hour these fans can blow away a house full of warmed air. Turn them off just as soon as they have done their job.
  Insulate - Proper insulation keeps your home warm in winter and cool in the summer. In fact, up to 20% of your heating energy can be lost through an uninsulated ceiling. The following minimum R values are recommended for your home: R-30 ceilings (R-38 for mountain homes and electric heated homes), R-13 walls and R-19 floors over unheated areas.
  Repair windows - even a crack drives fuel bills up.
  REMEMBER - If you feel there is a problem with the furnace and you can't stay warm, do not use the stove for additional heat - this is dangerous. Contact a professional for a maintenance check up or if you are a renter, contact your maintenance supervisor.