Xcel Energy Customers Pay Extra Each Month To Help Those Who Can’t Afford Heat

CBS News Colorado | by Jamie Leary

Utility rates have once again increased and there’s another charge Xcel Energy Customers may notice. Or may not.

“I was shocked I was shocked. Now I don’t mind donating money but I wanna donate who I wanna donate,” said Joseph Duncan, an Arvada resident and Xcel Energy customer.

Duncan is talking about the Energy Assistance charge on his utility bill. The state passed legislation last year allowing the charge, which gives energy assistance to low-income individuals. While he’s been paying the charge for the last year, he didn’t notice until he got his bill last month.

“Most people just look at the numbers. Did my rates go up, did my rates go down, or how much do I owe? That’s all they wanna look at.”

The charge began monthly last October at a flat rate of 50 cents for gas and 50 cents for electricity. It went up to 75 cents for each this month.

"I can't really emphasize how critical it is. It is such a wonderful and important piece of legislation and I think for Xcel to do. There are so many people in the state of Colorado who are struggling to pay their utility bills."

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“Xcel Energy Customers Pay Extra Each Month to Help Those Who Can”

by Kelly McKinne, Denver Daily Chronicle, 10/14/22

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