Community Solar FAQ

What is a community solar garden?
A community solar garden is a large collection of solar panels located in your community. Your subscription means you are assigned a portion of those panels, and you receive credits on your Xcel electric bill for the electricity that they produce. Because the solar panels are located elsewhere in your community, there is no equipment installed on your home.

Where is this community solar garden located?
You have qualified for enrollment in the Valmont Community Solar Garden, located on the east side of Xcel Energy’s Valmont Station at 1800 63rd St, Boulder, CO 80301.

Solar Garden Map

How do I qualify?
Because you applied for Energy Assistance through one of our partner agencies, EOC has already determined that you income-qualify for this program. When applying for assistance, you also signed a consent form allowing us to view your electricity usage history – this helps us determine the size of your solar subscription based on your electricity needs.

How much will I save?
The savings provided by Xcel Energy are estimated to reduce your electric bill by 18%. For the average household, this means an estimated $175 saved every year.

Does it cost anything to enroll?
There is no up-front cost to enroll in this program. Each month, you will see a subscription charge and a production credit on your Xcel bill. The credit will always be greater than the subscription charge, so you will always receive a net discount on your bill. Look for the charge and credit on the last page of your Xcel bill:

Solar Example Bill

  1. Your subscription size (in kW) will be determined based on your electricity usage
  2. Your Allocation of Total Solar Energy (in kWh) will vary month to month, based on how much sunlight there is and how much solar energy the project generates. So, your credits may be higher in the summer months and lower in the winter.
  3. The SRCS Charge is the fixed subscription fee, charged by Xcel Energy
  4. The Production Credit will always be greater than the subscription charge, resulting in savings on your bill every month
  5. Your total savings from Community Solar, which will be applied to your total bill
What if I fall behind on my bill?
Customers who fall behind on their bill are encouraged to apply for Energy Assistance, and to call Xcel Energy to start an affordable payment plan. Customers who do not seek assistance may be removed from the solar program and/or disconnected from the utility.

What if I move?
Your community solar subscription will not automatically follow your account if you move. If you are planning to move, please contact EOC at or (303) 825-8750 and we will help enroll you at your new address, as long as you remain in Xcel Energy’s service territory.