Energy Education and Behavior Change

Energy Outreach Colorado’s energy behavior change program educates and motivates tenants of affordable housing communities and nonprofit facilities, as well as recipients of energy assistance, how to become smarter energy consumers. We do this through workshops, presentations and program facilitation for qualified organizations.

Small changes in energy behavior can add up to big savings on energy bills, allowing facilities to reallocate funds to building improvements or client services such as bus passes or meals.

Interested in putting energy saving actions into place in your own organization or home? Click here for some easy energy saving tips and to take our Energy Pledge.

If your organization represents a vulnerable community or serves limited-income individuals, you may qualify for this program. If you have questions or are interested in one of our workshops or presentations, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your name, your organization name and more details on your request.


Success Story: Aurora Interfaith

3-30-15aurora1editAurora Interfaith, one of the nonprofit participants in the Energy Behavior Change Program,  had a staff celebration after  nearly doubling  its energy savings goal of 5%, Executive Director Judy Barrow led her small staff and volunteer base in changing key behaviors and habits around energy usage. The clothing rooms, which clients use only specific days of the week, are now closed the rest of the time to help regulate temperature in the rest of the  building. Aurora Interfaith also unplugged unused fridges and freezers in the food pantry. Why? Because no appliance in a kitchen uses more electricity than a refrigerator or freezer, especially an empty one. Adding conservative temperatures for the thermostat to the mix, we see how a few consistent changes can make a significant difference on utility costs.