Affordable Housing Weatherization Program

The affordable housing weatherization program serves affordable multi-family housing properties across the state that are 5 or more units, centrally heated, and where 67% of the population are at or below 200% federal poverty level (FPL).

The application opens in April and generally stays open one month. Projects for the upcoming funding cycle are selected in July and chosen based on income qualification, age of the heating system, cost per square foot of heating the building, and potential for energy savings. If your property is selected, it will undergo an extensive energy audit to identify potential energy conservation measures, which must meet a cost-benefit ratio. Once energy conservation measures are identified, contractors submit proposals to complete the work. EOC selects contractors based on price, system presented, and schedule.  Once a contract is signed, EOC manages the contractors and the implementation of measures.

What is the benefit to you? Most multi-family residences have a huge potential for energy savings through energy efficiency upgrades.  The time and resources that participants invest in this program are typically recovered through:
•    Capital improvements
•    Reductions in utility, operating and maintenance costs
•    Increased tenant satisfaction, health and safety, and energy saving practices

Grant funding is provided through organizations and agencies, including the Colorado Energy Office and utility companies operating in Colorado.

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For 25 years, Greccio Housing has provided affordable apartment rentals to people with low incomes. As a Colorado Springs-based non-profit, our mission is to “provide stable, safe, affordable housing, and to create supportive opportunities and services for our residents to enhance their individual growth.” As good stewards of our donor’s dollars, we are very diligent about maintaining/managing our maintenance expenses and seeking possible grant funding and community partnership opportunities available. 

Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) provides energy upgrades to Colorado non-profits and has been an integral partner in assisting us with upgrades and improvements on our 23 properties across the community. Over the last two years, we have received energy upgrades on three of our properties which have included new kitchen exhaust fans, wall and floor insulation, lighting upgrades, and boiler unit upgrades. The minimal financial match required for each project partnership has increased sustainability of Greccio’s maintenance budget, allowing us to redirect funding to other property improvements. Residents have commented that, “after the insulation project was completed, I didn’t need to wear my slippers anymore because the floor was so much warmer.” 

EOC’s contractors and staff are a pleasure to work with. They are always professional, courteous, and very considerate of our residents’ needs and continuously ensure that each apartment receives the attention required for each project.

Kelly Jackson
Development Director 
Greccio Housing  


Kavod Senior Life (formerly Allied Jewish Apartments) was approached a few years back by the Multi-Family Weatherization/Energy Outreach Colorado program to participate in an energy audit. Based on the results of the audit, we had over a million dollars of upgrades made to our HUD housing buildings and in order to access this, we made a relatively small contribution from our end. We had our lighting fixtures upgraded, received over 100 new refrigerators for our tenants, and had nearly all of our heating and domestic water boilers replaced and new zone valves installed. The original system did not allow us to isolate the pipes and when we did repairs the whole system needed to be shut down. 

The staff of the Multi-Family Weatherization were true professionals and they worked very closely with us and the subcontractors. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Our energy costs dropped and we had new equipment to replace our outdated and inefficient equipment. 

They are a great resource to check out and I would be delighted to discuss the work they did for us with any potential users.

Michael Klein
Executive Director 
Kavod Senior Life