COVID-19 Response

Energy Outreach Colorado is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing critical energy assistance.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we are seeing the impacts disproportionately affect our most vulnerable neighbors across the state. We see this pandemic affect those living on fixed incomes or lower wages, and have little to no savings to fall back on.  Many of our neighbors are falling behind on their energy bills.

That is why Energy Outreach Colorado is fighting to support and advocate for our neighbors in their time of need.

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How Is Energy Outreach Colorado Responding?

Our mission is to provide critical home energy support to vulnerable Coloradans. This pandemic has weakened our economy, our community members, and community resources. As a statewide nonprofit that has provided more than $100 Million in assistance to people and organizations in need over the past 5 years, our resolve to stand and protect our community is stronger than ever.

We are well positioned to accept funding and quickly serve  people and nonprofits in every county across the state.

Our staff is a team of experts that are committed to the well-being of our community members. We bring a range of expertise and training to combat energy poverty and we are working with our network of partners to ensure that people can stay safe in their homes and focus on staying healthy.


Who is Energy Outreach Colorado Helping?

For vulnerable Coloradans facing increased energy use due to being home bound there is great concern and fear around how they will afford their energy bill.

If you are in need of help paying your energy bill, please visit our assistance page through the link below.

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Working to Keep Our Community Safe

Our assistance is vital. With your help, we can do so much more for those in need. As a community, we can stand together and support our neighbors during this difficult time.

Please help Energy Outreach Colorado provide critical energy relief today.

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Updates and Impact

EOC Provides Energy Bill Payment Assistance to Partner Nonprofits

EOC recently directed $25,000 to help our nonprofit partners across the state by providing grants to help them pay their energy bills. “This is something we have never done before. We were receiving an extraordinary number of calls from other nonprofits, so we jumped into action.” – Jennifer Gremmert, executive director

EOC Quadruples Goal to Help Households Across Colorado

EOC has raised over $100,000 in six weeks to ensure that those households impacted by this pandemiccan receive energy bill payment assistance. EOC is humbled by this incredible support and will continue to help those in need during this critical time through this Fund.

EOC Accelerates Next Quarter Funds

EOC recently released additional energy assistance funds to our agency partners across the state and we are ready to assist those who have trouble paying their energy bills.

“While I can’t predict the future, I strongly believe that many people will need our help and services in the months ahead. EOC will be ready to meet those needs.” – Jennifer Gremmert, executive director.