Our Approach

The strategic foundation of our vision, mission, and values is to Support, Stabilize, and Sustain vulnerable households statewide. This tiered approach provides immediate critical services, resources to help prevent returning to a critical energy-related situation, and removing the barriers that prevent equitable energy affordability to decrease the number of Coloradans who live in energy poverty.


Far too often low wage earners, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and families are unable to afford their home energy costs. They juggle their limited resources to pay rent, buy food and medications, and utility bills often come last in this list of necessities. When faced with a crisis like a utility shutoff or a broken furnace, EOC provides immediate Support through our programs to stop the crisis and help get people back on their feet.


Without a change to the systemic issues that exist preventing people from being able to afford their home energy costs, a crisis can reoccur. EOC provides energy solutions, like installing energy efficiency upgrades and weatherization in a home, that can reduce energy use. Costs are then reduced becoming more affordable and people can gain control of their energy costs. By stabilizing a household there is every chance that the residents will experience a reduction in energy poverty.


Energy inequity is a national problem that continues to increase and impact households across nation.  Energy costs must be implemented fairly for all households and EOC is committed to ensuring that everyone can afford and Sustain a home that is warm and with lights. Through our advocacy work, and by working with lawmakers and thought leaders, EOC believes that energy equity and fair energy charges can be achieved for households statewide.