Inflation Reduction Act Good First Step for Low-income Energy Needs

Public News Service | by Eric Galatas

President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act has been billed as the most significant legislation in U.S. history to tackle the climate crisis, strengthen American energy security, and lower utility bills, and some American households stand to benefit more than others.

Luke Ilderton, deputy director of Energy Outreach Colorado, believes the new legislation is a good start, but argues current programs helping low-income households keep the heat on in winter and fans moving in summer will still be necessary.

“Most of the funding will really go to more moderate- to higher-income households, and solar developers, wind developers, utilities,” Ilderton outlined. “This really isn’t going to be impacting the most vulnerable households.”

"Those homes that are using inefficient or resistance electric heating, propane, those who are using wood for their heating needs, will have the potential to save the most money when converting to high-efficiency electric equipment."

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