Affordable Housing Program Grants

Energy Outreach Colorado raises affordable housing program grants for multifamily affordable housing residences so they can become more energy efficient and lower the energy costs for their low-income tenants.

How It Works

  • Grant funding is raised through organizations, including the Colorado Energy Office and utility companies operating in Colorado, as well as other contributors to Energy Outreach Colorado.
  • Energy Outreach accepts grant applications from multifamily building owners/managers with priority given to properties serving especially low-income residents where tenants pay their own utility bill.
  • Energy Outreach evaluates grant applicants through technical site visits, a committee of industry professionals and an energy audit that identifies potential cost-effective energy efficiency measures.
  • Energy audit data and cost-benefit ratios determine which measures are funded.
  • Energy Outreach personnel oversee each project and conduct quality control inspections.
  • Energy Outreach provides participants with tenant and staff education about energy conservation behaviors.