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Nonprofits work together to continue 40 years of community service

30 Jan. 2018

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Nonprofits work together to continue 40 years of community service


For 40 years, the Community Alcohol, Drug Rehabilitation & Education Center (CADREC) has provided a healing place for Denver residents in the Five Points community. To help maintain these vital community-based services, Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) recently installed energy efficient equipment at the center to lower energy costs.

As a side benefit, the efficient new lighting installed inside and outside the 87-year-old building is brighter, safer and more welcoming, said Yvonne Martin, CADREC executive director. “We have a lot of groups coming and going in the evening hours, and the entry way is much safer now because it is well lit,” she added. “EOC has done wonders for us.”

EOC’s nonprofit energy efficiency program installs free energy efficient equipment for local organizations so that they can better serve their low-income communities. Like CADREC, these nonprofits stretch limited budgets across many needs, and wouldn’t be able to fund the improvements on their own.

The $20,324 in improvements at CADREC also include a new furnace, programmable thermostats, refrigerators, occupancy sensors, pipe insulation and door weather-stripping.

They will save more than $1,000 a year in energy costs. EOC, Xcel Energy and the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships funded the project.

“We’re so appreciative and happy with all that EOC has done for us,” Martin said. “Our clients would be less likely to seek treatment if they had to go too far out of the neighborhood and perhaps pay higher costs.”

Pictured, Yvonne Martin, right, at CADREC.

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