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EOC delivers hope for the holidays for Colorado victim of injury and disease

18 Dec. 2017

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EOC delivers hope for the holidays for Colorado victim of injury and disease


A brain injury. Multiple sclerosis. A mother’s death.

These are the devastating challenges that literally left Arvada resident Tammy L. reeling. Our supporters helped her regain her footing when she couldn’t afford to pay her home energy bill.

Tammy, 47, suffered a debilitating head injury as a passenger in a 2012 car accident. She was still undergoing treatment for the lasting effects when she was diagnosed a year later with multiple sclerosis. Her retired mother was her constant supporter throughout her bouts with vertigo, headaches and difficulties with speaking and swallowing, telling her over and over that “this too shall pass.”

Then, early this year, Tammy’s beloved mom died. A few weeks later Tammy’s multiple sclerosis flared up and she badly injured her leg in a fall. She had to suspend the part-time work she relied on to supplement her $731 in monthly disability income.

“I felt so alone and so depressed because I didn’t know what to do,” she said.  “There was no food in the house and I was scared. I pictured myself sitting in a dark house with no electricity and no water.”

She reached out to the Colorado chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which referred her to Energy Outreach Colorado. Because of you, the past due amount of her bill was paid off and her heavy weight of worry lifted.

“Hearing that I was receiving help from Energy Outreach Colorado instantly put a smile on my face and I could breathe,” she said. “It was a very, very appreciated blessing and I know my mom played a part in it.” 


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