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Weld County father recovering from tragedy, supported by EOC and donors

19 Oct. 2017

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Weld County father recovering from tragedy, supported by EOC and donors

The death of a newborn baby crumbled the foundation of Tony’s marriage. Three years later, with support from Energy Outreach Colorado and our donors, he’s rebuilding and dedicating his life to being the best father he can to his remaining children.

Tony was happily married and helping raise three young children in the Weld County community of Evans. He and his wife were expecting twins when they discovered that one of the babies showed signs of a genetic disorder called Trisomy-13. Little Emily lived for just three hours after her birth. Her brother, Steven, was born healthy.

“The grief process was tough, and we had our separate ways of dealing with it,” Tony added softly. “Then a year later my wife’s father suddenly died of a heart attack and the shock of dealing with that pretty much ended our marriage. We were divorced the following year.”

Today, Tony and his 9-year-old son from a previous relationship live in an apartment not far from his ex-wife and their children ages 6, 4 and 2, who stay with Tony on weekends. He works full-time in a machine shop and brings in extra money doing side jobs.

“It’s been a rough transition,” he said. “Everything is expensive, especially for a single father paying child support and basically supporting two households. It’s hard when you make $800 a week but only bring home $200.”

When Tony couldn’t keep up with his home energy bill, he was relieved and grateful to receive energy bill payment assistance from Energy Outreach Colorado. “Thank you for your help,” he said. “My struggle is real and help from your program really does save someone like me from having my power shut off or even possible eviction.”

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Tony and son Sam.

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