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Energy Outreach Colorado supports desperate mom through difficult job search

10 Aug. 2017

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Energy Outreach Colorado supports desperate mom through difficult job search

An unexpected job loss nearly sent Bobbie and her 12-year-old daughter out onto the streets of Pueblo. They were down to the last of their money, food and goodwill when their electricity was shut off. Energy Outreach Colorado helped them stay safe in their home.

“We’d never gone through anything like this before,” said Bobbie, 45, a Pueblo native and single mom. “The check cashing company I worked for got rid of 14 center managers, including me, and I didn’t realize the job market was as bad as it was. I applied for work in Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, wherever I could.”

After several days without power, looking for help and trying to sell anything she could, Bobbie was referred to a local agency that distributes Energy Outreach Colorado’s bill payment assistance.

“It was a tremendous feeling to have our energy bill paid up,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes as she patted the shoulder of her daughter, Lexi.

Without EOC's support, Bobbie and her daughter would have had to find another place to stay until they could save up the money to pay off the bill and the late fees. “We likely would have ended up at a shelter because we didn’t have anybody to fall back on,” Bobbie said.

With her energy bill paid up, Bobbie was able to hold on until she landed a job shuttling railroad engineers and conductors to and from work locations. She negotiated with her landlord to catch up on her rent with her first paycheck.

“Since my divorce, Lexi and I have always been able to make it until now,” she said. “We were doing really well and had saved some money, so we didn’t need help until I lost my job. It was rough, but we’re going to make it, thank goodness.”

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