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EOC improvements preserve historic affordable senior housing community

24 Apr. 2017

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EOC improvements preserve historic affordable senior housing community

EOC project helps Kentucky Circle Village maintain affordability

Kentucky Circle Village, an affordable senior-living community tucked away in the Glendale neighborhood of Denver, provides a peaceful haven for its 180 residents. Energy Outreach Colorado helped preserve its 60-year legacy by lowering its energy costs.

“It’s a great place to live, especially if you’re on a fixed income,” said 67-year-old Thomas Gildart, a resident for the past five years. “You can’t find another place like what we have here for the price we pay.”

The community, which consists of 172 cottage apartments and a central community center, was established by three local churches in 1959 on what was formerly farmland. According to Executive Director Julie Hoebel of Senior Homes of Colorado Foundation, the original owner and current property operator, it was designed by acclaimed architect Eugene Sternberg as functional and affordable housing for aging church members.

“Most affordable housing is subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, but Kentucky Circle Village is not,” Hoebel said. Because tenant utility costs are included in their rent, “it’s a huge boost for tenants and the property owner to save on energy costs,” she added. “We keep the rent just high enough to cover expenses and we always run on a shoestring.”

Energy Outreach Colorado managed the installation of $523,500 in energy efficiency upgrades at the site, including new furnaces in all 120 units, crawlspace air sealing and insulation, and efficient lighting. The project was partially funded by the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships and Xcel Energy rebates.

The annual energy cost savings will help maintain affordable rent levels and support other property improvements, Hoebel said.


Aaron Martinez of Energy Resource Center, which completed
crawl space sealing and other improvements at  Kentucky Circle.

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