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New study shows home appliance standards helping consumers save on energy bills

03 Mar. 2017

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New study shows home appliance standards helping consumers save on energy bills

Coloradans saved an annual average of $416 in 2015; Energy Outreach Colorado helping bring benefits to low-income households.

The average American family saved almost $500 on energy and water bills in 2015 because of more efficient appliances and lighting, according to an industry report released this month. Average household savings by state ranged $360 in Washington State to almost $950 in Hawaii, with Colorado coming in at $417.

The report, compiled by the Appliance Standards Awareness Project and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, details the benefits achieved through all existing national minimum efficiency performance standards. Household products covered by national standards include refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners and lighting.

According to the report, “Appliance standards protect consumers and save them money by eliminating energy- and water-wasting products in the market, while preserving the performance and features consumers value and encouraging manufacturers to develop and bring to market products with improved efficiency performance.

Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) works to bring these benefits to low-income Coloradans who may not have access to newer technologies because of cost and their affordable housing choices. EOC manages programs to lower energy costs by installing energy efficient equipment such as lighting, furnaces and refrigerators into the homes of low-income residents.

Since 2008, EOC has lowered energy costs and increased energy efficiency for 40,000 low-income seniors and families living in single-family homes and multi-family affordable housing communities.

“By working to ensure that more Coloradans have access to the latest energy-saving technology, we help make home energy more affordable while preserving the quality of Colorado’s existing affordable housing,” said Andy Caler, EOC’s director of utility programs.

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