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EOC Helps Dad Care For Asthmatic Son

06 Oct. 2015

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EOC Helps Dad Care For Asthmatic Son

When Todd Lindholm’s son suffers an asthma attack that lands him in the hospital, Todd doesn’t hesitate to leave his job at Ace Hardware to stay with him as long it takes for him to breathe easier.

“Cody has really bad asthma that usually lands us in the hospital a least once a year, which means lost work for me,” said Todd, a Denver single parent for 11-year-old Cody and his two other children, ages 9 and 15. “We’ve been dealing with it for five years, so we know we just need to get him in there and get it taken care of.”

Unfortunately, lost work equates to lost wages, which makes it difficult for Todd to keep up with his home energy bills. A month after Cody’s most recent hospital stay -- prompted by the forest fire smoke trailing down from Washington and California – Todd sought help at Denver Urban Ministries and was approved for Energy Outreach Colorado’s energy bill payment assistance.

“There was suddenly light at the end of a very long tunnel,” he said. “I try to keep up with things the best I can. My workplace is very understanding, but if I’m not working, I don’t get paid.”

On the positive side, Cody’s asthma is finally getting better and Todd hopes he will grow out of his worst symptoms, as Todd himself did. “Now we can catch up with the water bill,” he added. “Hopefully we can get back on our feet and keep moving upward and outward.” 

Todd Lindholm, right, with daughter Kory.

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