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Take Energy Outreach Colorado’s Holiday Energy Challenge

June 28, 2016

DENVER – As part of your Fourth of July activities, challenge your family to "beat the heat" and save money on your energy bill. Provide them with this check list of low-cost energy saving tips and once they've completed it, celebrate with popsicles all around!

  • Cooking, lighting and using other appliances account for about 30 percent of your home's energy bill, so using them less saves you money. To cut down on the use of your hot over, get creative and try out some new recipes.
  • Switch out incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). About 90 percent of the energy used by incandescent bulbs is released in the form of heat, so replacing them with CFLs is cooler. Look for areas where a small lamp can be used instead of a room light and make sure lights are off when not needed.
  • Running the dishwasher and dryer also generates heat. Try operating them only at night and when they are full, and skip the heated drying option on your dishwasher.
  • Another heat producer is your refrigerator. Move it away from the wall and vacuum the condenser coils. If you have more than one refrigerator or freezer, consolidate if you can and unplug any unnecessary appliances.
  • If you need to replace a home appliance, choose the most efficient unit available. An Energy Star® label means it uses at least 10 percent less energy than required by current federal standards.
  • Inspect the filters on your furnace and air conditioner to see if they need to be replaced. Write a reminder to change filters every three months.
  • Check your home thermostat. If you have an air conditioner, set the temperature to about 78 degrees. Better yet, install a programmable thermostat to do the work for you.

The windows in your main living areas are the largest source of heat gain in your home. During the day keep them shut and window coverings closed. In the evening, open windows and window coverings to let in cooling breezes.
Summer heat also enters your home through leaks around walls, windows and doors. Repair any damaged or loose caulking and weather stripping. Pay special attention to plumbing outlets, vents and recessed light fixtures.

About Energy Outreach
EOC raises funds to help low-income Coloradans afford home energy and remain warm and safe in their homes. Established in 1989, Energy Outreach works with partner assistance organizations, vendors and subcontractors across the state to provide energy bill payment assistance, emergency home furnace repair, weatherization services, energy efficiency grants for affordable housing and nonprofit facilities, energy education, and advocacy on behalf of low-income energy consumers.


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