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DMEA Secures $100,000 in Assistance Funds From Energy Outreach Colorado

August 04, 2015

Energy Outreach Colorado has committed $100,000 to Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) to help members with past due balances make the transition from a traditional account to the co-op’s new prepay program, My Choice.

Energy Outreach Colorado funds are available for members to help reduce past due balances when signing up for My Choice. The money can also be used to cover the cost of a My Choice in-home display. The in-home display provides daily consumption information and account balance alerts.

"Energy Outreach Colorado is excited to partner with DMEA to help its members benefit from the My Choice program," said Enrique Hernandez, Energy Outreach Colorado’s energy assistance manager. "This program provides valuable tools to help energy consumers better control their costs. We support DMEA in its efforts to make home energy more affordable.”

My Choice allows members to purchase energy before they use it. When making a payment, members put a positive balance on their account. As they use electricity that balance goes down, and participants receive alerts when they have less than five days worth of electricity remaining. Members can choose to add money to their prepay balance at anytime through a variety of payment methods.

“My Choice allows members to customize their payments to their lifestyle and budget. Some choose to make smaller more frequent payments, while others choose to put a large balance on their account. Either way, it allows members to be in control of how much energy they use and their costs,” said Jasen Bronec, DMEA CEO. “In addition to being a convenient option, prepayment programs like My Choice typically result in significant energy savings. Studies have shown that, on average, people on prepaid electric accounts use 10% less electricity than those on traditional post pay accounts. We are excited to offer this new option to our members.”

If the account balance goes below zero, power is automatically disconnected. However, a member can have their power turned back on in minutes by making a payment at anytime of the day. Payments can be made 24/7 online, via a computer or smart device, at a DMEA self-serve kiosk, or by phone. Members can also pay in person during business hours. Members on My Choice are not subject to disconnect fees, reconnect fees, late fees, or collection fees. There are also no payment due dates or minimum payments associated with the program.

“From a customer service standpoint, My Choice provides an empowering solution for our members. I see first hand how the program helps our members take control of their energy costs and the relief they feel when they realize they won’t struggle with past due balances and fees anymore,” said Sara McCombs, DMEA Customer Service Representative.

My Choice is a voluntary prepayment program. Interested members must sign up in person in order to receive an up-to-date account balance and apply for assistance funds. Learn more about the program by calling DMEA at 1-877-687-3632.

DMEA is a rural electric distribution cooperative, located in Montrose, Colorado.  DMEA was originally founded in 1938, as Delta-Montrose Rural Power Lines Association. The cooperative is governed by a board of directors, from nine districts covering three counties.  DMEA serves approximately 32,000 residential, commercial and industrial meters, on over 3,000 miles of cooperative owned distribution line.

About Energy Outreach Colorado
Helping Coloradans afford home energy.
Energy Outreach Colorado is the only independent, non-profit organization in the state that raises money to help limited-income Coloradans afford home energy. Since 1989, EOC has raised more than $209 million to fund energy bill payment assistance and energy efficiency upgrades for affordable housing and nonprofit facilities. Energy Outreach Colorado relies on private donations, corporate contributions and foundation grants. It has received top ratings from Charity Navigator for 13 consecutive years and is an accredited charity member of the Better Business Bureau. Energy Outreach Colorado,, can be reached at 303-825-8750 or at 225 E. 16th Ave. Ste. 200, Denver, CO  80203-1612.

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