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Coloradans at risk without electricity in sizzling heat

July 03, 2017

(DENVER) – July 3 - Coloradans who are most vulnerable to summer’s sizzling temperatures -- due to their inability to pay for home refrigeration and air conditioning – can get relief from Energy Outreach Colorado’s energy bill payment assistance.

Energy Outreach, a statewide nonprofit, helps qualifying limited-income households maintain their home energy by paying the overdue portion of their utility bill. Assistance is available year-round by calling toll-free1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435) or going to

This assistance was a blessing for Carolyn, a certified nursing assistant in Boulder who is raising three children on her own. “All of a sudden one day we had no electricity – no stove, no air conditioning, no refrigerator,” she recalled. “It was summer, the kids were eating like there was no tomorrow, and we had a lot of food spoil, including meat and eggs.”

Top 10 Hot Weather Energy Tips to Save Money

June 06, 2017

 (DENVER) – June 6, 2017 – Summer is beginning to sizzle, so Energy Outreach Colorado offers these tips to cut home energy costs while keeping your cool.

  • Air conditioning consumes the most electricity in your home, so keep it at a comfortable 78 degrees.
  • A ceiling fan can circulate air to create a draft that makes you feel cooler, allowing you to raise the thermostat about 4 degrees.
  • Install a programmable thermostat and set it to automatically use less cooling when you’re away or asleep.

Free home heating repair available for low-income Coloradans

May 10, 2017


(DENVER) – May 9, 2017 – Don’t procrastinate - now is the time for low-income Coloradans to take advantage of free home heating system repair available through nonprofit Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC).

Funding is still available through the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP), which provides free home heating system repair and replacement for low-income families and individuals who qualified this year for the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP). To apply, call toll-free 1-855-469-4328.

LEAP Ends April 30, EOC Help Continues

April 26, 2017

(DENVER) - April 25, 2017 – Low-income Coloradans struggling to pay home energy bills can apply to the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) through this weekend, but after that they still can seek help from nonprofit Energy Outreach Colorado.

LEAP is a federally-funded program and does not accept applications from May 1 through Oct. 31 each year. In Colorado, lawmakers created Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) about 30 years ago to raise additional funds through individuals and organizations so that local low-income seniors and families have access to additional help.

Be Prepared for Mother Nature’s Spring Surprises

April 06, 2017

Denver, CO -- Mother Nature loves to play tricks on Coloradans – especially in March.

In spite of the recent unseasonably warm and dry weather, the average Denver snowfall for the month is 11 inches, according to U.S. Climate Data. Energy Outreach Colorado is ready to help vulnerable Coloradans stay warm and safe should one of those soggy spring snowstorms blast through the state.

Even during milder winters, nearly 1 in 4 Coloradans can't afford to keep up with their basic needs -- including home energy bills – as recently reported by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Since Oct. 1, 2016, Energy Outreach has made about 7,750 payments to energy providers to help qualifying low-income families and seniors avoid being disconnected.

Consumers saving on energy bills thanks to appliance standards

February 28, 2017

DENVER, CO -- The average American family saved almost $500 on energy and water bills in 2015 because of more efficient appliances and lighting, according to an industry report released this month. Average household savings by state ranged from $360 in Washington to almost $950 in Hawaii, with Colorado coming in at $417.

The report, compiled by the Appliance Standards Awareness Project and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, details the benefits achieved through all existing national minimum efficiency performance standards. Household products covered by national standards include refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners and lighting.

Affordable housing upgrades benefiting hundreds of Coloradans

February 23, 2017

 Denver, CO -- Affordable housing for hundreds of limited-income Coloradans will become less costly, healthier and more secure this year, thanks to more than $1.3 million in improvement projects Energy Outreach Colorado is launching this month in Alamosa, Colorado Springs, Denver, Evergreen and Loveland.

Energy-related improvements at six existing multi-family housing properties are being funded through federal grants from the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and the Department of Energy, and managed by nonprofit Energy Outreach Colorado. Each property owner also will contribute a portion of the project cost.

Energy Outreach will oversee the installation of energy efficient equipment and weatherization, health and safety measures at the properties by local contractors over the next several months, resulting in better living conditions for residents in 420 apartments.

Energy Outreach Colorado Exploring New Frontiers to Lower Energy Costs

January 19, 2017

Energy Outreach Colorado is adding an innovative new strategy to its programs for lowering energy costs for low-income consumers, based on energy education and behavior change.

With funding from Xcel Energy, EOC partnered with Colorado affordable housing communities, nonprofit organizations and low-income families over the past year to fine-tune a successful method that trains participants how to understand and manage their energy use in order to lower costs, address health and safety concerns and allow more dollars to be spent for other needs.

As a result, the 23 nonprofits, six affordable housing communities and more than 5,000 families that participated saved a total of 331,203 in kilowatt hours of electricity and 2,169 in dekatherms of natural gas. That amounts to a projected $81,223 that can be reallocated for other necessities.

Energy Outreach Colorado’s Top 10 Holiday Safety Tips

December 01, 2016

As the winter holiday season gets into high gear, keep in mind these safety tips from nonprofit Energy Outreach Colorado to remain warm, safe and festive in your home.

1. With family at home for the holidays, make sure you have working carbon monoxide (CO) detectors near bedrooms. CO can’t be detected by smell, taste or sight and can build up to dangerous levels when fuels such as natural gas, kerosene, wood or gasoline don’t have enough oxygen to burn efficiently.

2. Check that the power and extension cords on your lights and lawn decorations are certified by an independent testing laboratory and aren’t frayed, cracked or cut. Follow the rating for indoor or outdoor use.

3. If you’re planning to stoke up the wood-burning fireplace, make sure the chimney has been inspected and cleaned in the last year and use a glass or metal fire screen large enough to catch sparks and rolling logs.

Energy Outreach Colorado Awarded Denver Energy Efficiency Grant DOSP funding will reduce energy costs for affordable housing, nonprofits

November 29, 2016


DENVER – The City of Denver’s Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP) is awarding $750,000 to Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) to improve the energy efficiency of affordable housing and the facilities of local nonprofits that support under-served communities.

EOC is a statewide nonprofit that supports affordable energy for limited income Coloradans. In addition to its energy efficiency work, it provides energy bill payment assistance, emergency home furnace repair and energy education.

The 2017 DOSP grant will fund EOC’s work to improve the energy efficiency of at least 600 affordable housing apartments and 10 nonprofit facilities achieve a total energy savings of 750,000 kWh and 74,000 therms. In addition to the energy savings, this equates to removing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1,263,234 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.