Affordable Energy Advocate

Because of our expertise in consumer energy issues, we lead the state in pursuing affordable energy policies with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, the Colorado General Assembly and gas and electric distribution companies. We have helped pass legislation to raise millions of dollars for energy assistance and energy efficiency and provided low-income households access to energy programs they otherwise would not have benefitted from.

Focus On Limited-Income Energy Consumers

EOC does not take a position regarding a specific energy source or fuel. We consistently monitor energy policy and programs and their impact on the limited-income consumers we represent. Our mission is to ensure that home energy in Colorado is affordable, reliable and accessible to everyone. We actively intervene in utility rate cases and rulemakings at the Colorado Public Utility Commission to ensure that limited-income consumers have a voice in these proceedings, and that cost considerations and the distribution of those costs among various customer classes are considered.

EOC leverages public and private funds to support programs that increase the energy efficiency, health and safety of our clients’ homes and reduce their energy costs. We also analyze what the changing energy generation mix and energy price volatility mean for low-income consumers and how we can mitigate negative consequences for these vulnerable customers.

The development of distributed energy resources like solar photovoltaic, demand response, and energy storage is changing the traditional electric industry business model and EOC is committed to protecting the needs of low-income consumers through this transition. EOC works with the more than 65 energy providers in the state, including rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and regulated utilities such as Xcel Energy, Atmos Energy, Colorado Natural Gas and Black Hills Energy. EOC’s role is not to take a position on proposed public energy policy but rather to shine a light on the home energy needs of vulnerable households.

For more information about EOC’s advocacy work, contact Executive Director Jennifer Gremmert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..