Applies to Renters  
check Let the light shine through - choose lamp shades that don't obstruct light. Light colored shades are usually best.
check Keep bulbs clean - dust can cut light output by as much as 25% so add bulb and lamp shade dusting to your cleaning list
  Dim the lights - dimmer switches can multiply bulb life up to 12 times while they reduce electricity use and light level.
check Lights out - Turn lights off when you're leaving a room and ask your family to do the same. Install an automatic timer to turn the lights on and off when you're away from the house An occupancy sensor will turn lights off automatically when you leave the room. One 100 watt bulb left on all night costs about $25 over twelve months.
  Use photoelectric cells and timers - photoelectric cells turn outdoor lights off automatically at dawn and on again when the sun goes down. Photoelectric cells are also available for indoor use on such items as night lights or as a separate accessory for lamps. Timers perform the same function but must be reset to compensate for changes in sunrise and sunset.
check Save with compact fluorescents - Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs have several advantages over standard incandescent bulbs. CFL's can last up to 13 times longer than standard bulbs and use 755 kwh less energy to operate. CFL's with electronic ballasts turn on instantly, are flicker free, light weight and produce a warm incandescent quality of light. While CLF's may cost more to purchase initially, they will more than pay for themselves in energy savings and replacement costs.
  Regular fluorescents save too - in addition to compact fluorescent bulbs, other types of fluorescent lights provide at least 4 times the light for the same amount of electricity as an incandescent bulb
  Halogen lamps save energy - Halogen lamps can produce the same amount of light that traditional incandescent lamps do while reducing energy costs by 30% and lasting 2 or 3 times longer.
  Replace halogen lamps with Energy Star - labeled compact fluorescent torchieres - they're cheaper to operate and safer to use
  High pressure sodium for outside - switch to the golden color of high pressure sodium for outdoor security lights. These lamps are readily available and produce 5 times or more light of the same amount of wattage and last 20 times as long as an incandescent lamp.
check Use task lighting - concentrate the light where you need it and reduce background light levels.
check Check sales and ask utility providers - Especially during National Energy Month - in October - stores often have sale prices on fluorescent bulbs and providers may offer rebates.